Day of Sreesanth and Sanjay Dutt

A day of two S in News. Both for wrong reasons and both going to jail. While I am writing this Sanjay Dutt must be in the jail getting his jail clothes on and other idiot Sreesanth is arrested, will be behind the bars soon.

Sreesanth for Spot fixing and Sanjay Dutt for 1993 Mumbai bomb blast. Though he did not had anything to do with planting bombs, my sympathies are with him.

Everywhere everybody is only talking about these two, TV – Internet – Local trains – Rickshaw – Market and also in office. Actually in office it looks like its public holiday. People are sharing desk and chairs to chat and discuss about these two. My office is turn into a public

place. Boss is not in, I am sure he must be doing the same somewhere.

Fun part is Sreesanth getting arrested for spotfixing is not the big News, Big News is his father giving statement that his son (Sreesanth) is  innocent and that Harbhajan and Dhoni is plotting against him. LOL…can somebody tell the father, “jab put hi kaput ho to koi kya kare” Sreesanth himself is enough to destroy him, he don’t need helping hand!

How can I forget the important “S” Shilpa Shetty whose IPL team Rajasthan not so Royals is under scanner and some of them in jail. So all together three “S”.

Shame on all the players who don’t play fair! But than Money is Money, everybody wants Antilia, Mannat or Sachin’s new house (don’t know the name of his house).

These three “S” can not take the limelight away from B that’s me – The Bijli!!!

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