Girl molested at Lalbaugcha Raja’s Visarjan – Another shame for Mumbai

Was so proud of my city…..and now just want to run away from here. Few days back a photojournalist was gang raped and now this! What a shame!!! Even Ganpati Bappa must be feeling guilty of letting these goons come to his visarjan. How can people come to these religious gathering and behave like some kind of neech. In video and photos one can easily see how the poor helpless girl is been groped and molested by goons.

Good they are caught on camera, now they should be castrated in full public view. Yes, we need this type of punishment to such neechs. We need law that punish such people there and then on the spot. Especially where all the evidence are loud and clear, like in this visarjan case! Get hold of them and cut their hands and thing between their legs. Bastards!!!

What’s wrong with our male class, where are the good ones gone??? Is something wrong with the upbringing or are we walking into a world where women’s must be thing that stays only indoors. Scary!!!

Girl molested in Ganpati Visarjan Mumbai
[That's the bastard in the above pic police want...anybody with the info please help them]

Why idiot pigs think if a girl is wearing shorts or sleeveless, means she is an open invitation to rape. Why don’t we have all the right to decide what we want to wear or do? Feels like our complete freedom is snatched and we’ll be only staying in closets in coming years.

How many more of these hideous cases will we have to go through, than protest for them weeks and move on? Well! We all have to move on but why don’t people get the message and stop treating girls and women’s of India (at-least) like a commodity or a cheap use and throw things.

Looks like protest against rape started with Nirbhaya and ended with Nirbhaya! It made no difference to the rapist class, they still breathe rape and look at every women as a thing to fulfil their havas! It’s nearly a year and still thinking about Nirbhaya’s ordeal sends shivers down my spine.

Every single day I wake up to gang rape news flashing on News Channels. Looks like gang rape is the latest trend set by our cheap Indian male chauvinist pigs. Before I use to thing if I am with a male I am safe but now all that is not helping either. Few days ago got late to leave office, so asked my colleague to drop me till station. I know he joked but it really hurt a lot and made me so weak inside. He said “look don’t rely on me for help, what if it’s a gang”, he laughed and said don’t worry I am strong. But somewhere he gave me shivers and that was the topic we discussed till we reach railway station. I felt very unsafe for myself and for him as well, after all he’s a married man and got family to support. Didn’t want to put him in any trouble, that’s exactly what he meant and said during that long conversation.

I know I’ll not get a sleep tonight…..full of anger and anger!

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