Kalki –Video against Rape!

A satire video “It’s your fault” by Kalki Koechlin and Juhi Pandey. A video made to shame our Purush Pradhan samaj and at same time our Police, who are the next people that a women face after rape and feel exactly the same humiliation she felt at the time of rape. Everything in the video is very good and really puts a person to shame.

Only one complain, this video should be made available in Hindi also. I think the 70% of Rapist are uneducated and will not understand what the message is about. One more thing, video should be send to every mobile user free by all the mobile companies every month. Just to remind that Aurat of India is not for rape!

Respect every lady next to you and it will show how much you love and respect your mother, sister and all the ladies of your house!

If this video cannot help stop rapes, than there’s nothing more we can do, except that all Women of India should start carrying knives or revolvers to stop the Rapist!

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