Goodnight Kiss….

Muah! kiss kiss to everybody, sleep time now!

Special kisses to my 83 Twitter followers and a big tight hug to people who liked my Facebook page. For those who are still thinking can survive on my pics for now….punishment!!! No hugs No K…

Kate Moss with fake tan giant St Tropez

Kate Moss goes all nude for fake tan company St Tropez. Posing naked she is looking hot, but we all know that’s not the real her. Everything is Photoshop and paintbrush. Fake Tan Fake model!!!

I will show her what’s real beauty

canadian dr

Congress in Karnataka…I am sad!

Shit Yaar….Where is God, What is he busy in that he let another cheaters-scammers to take over south. You know whenever I decide that I’ll not support Congress, it emerges as a strong winner party. So from now onwards I am with Congre…

Who is hot Me or Suraj Thakur?

Bolo bolo who is hot me or that naked dancing Suraj Thakur……lol! Poor thing must have done first time….and caught naked handed. Smile Or may be doing it too many times, made too many enemies. Somebody viagra american express canada got so je…

No bra day!

Not really, but I am celebrating the day. Was feeling very hot and tight, so took my bra off and trust me the feel and look is very relaxed. This is only for indoors, I am not that bold to go out with no bra.

On this bra thing, someone on twitter said …

New launch…

Yes, was working on my website. Now you all can see it’s new and better in all terms – colours, navigation and presentation. Me looking more bold and better on this one.

Hope everybody will like the website and I’ll get good comments. Tw

Durex Touch and Feel lingerie

Durex’s Fundawear made long distance romance live with touch and feel your partners underwear or bra. Cool isn’t it…! Gosh what will happen after 2-3 years. May be you’ll be having sex via iPhone app.

Durex condom making company ha…

On the Beach…legs only!

Me on the beach was like fire in water, namakeen hogyai ho samunder mein nahakar kind of thing!!! Had loads of fun and masti….danced on Babli badmash hai & Balam pichkari so much, with exact steps of pistols shooting from the sides….…

Feeling like Kareena Kapoor

Your attitude, your clothes, your way to carry yourself and present your self does make a difference and does count. So I like to spend on myself….I mean new clothes, shoes and beauty parlour.

Bought this new top, which I liked at first sigh…

Happy May!

Hoping for a great May…..April was not bad either, but still I would like to improve each and every day that pass by. Starting today with a smile and instructions to all my friends to help me to make this month happy go lucky one! So that when we …

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