What’s wrong???

What is happening to the world? First Boston Blast, than Earthquake that shook us all yesterday and now this Bangalore blast. What the shit is happening, why not some peace…God!

And twitter was trending with #PornBan yesterday. Today it…

Pink Wednesday!

Feeling calm and happy, so Pink!

Yesterday’s Bagel treat was awesome! Actually anything and anywhere with friends is always awesome.

I have a joker kind of friend in our group, whose is always in another world don’t know why but his thou…

Just to say


Monday to Friday it’s a daily routine….how boring! But sometimes I have fun times, of course have to work hard to organise and plan it, but when it happens it kind of work like a booster for entire week. Keeps you on your toes and ha…

Slept like a baby

Yeah, I truly did! Why and How, please don’t ask me. You should all know this by now. Remember had to do all the tidy up, so i did and went to sleep after a cup of hot chocolate. Once in bed, I was dead!

Earlier also soaked my feet in nice warm water w…

End of Red Monday!

Gosh, what  a day! Monday is always very tight and busy. Office looked like board exam hall, pin drop silence. Everybody was just busy with their work, but lunch time was munch and gossip time. I just love lunch break!

Everybody had thei…

Give me Red!!!

Yes! Give me red….No more Monday Blues, it’s red now! Feeling so happy and positive. Thanks to my family, weekend with them was really so refreshing, now i can conquer the world (feeling).

Came back to my messy pad late last night, so did n…

Sunday Fun day!

Hello to everybody! To those who miss me and to those who want to miss me but are holding back. Here I am with my family and having lots of fun and food. My mum cooks delicious delicacies. These days her favourite TV programme is “Master Chef…

Saturday started!

Yes, for me Saturday fever is already started . Fever because, i can sense the marriage proposals waiting for me there. I know my mum very well…..no worries, my mum also knows me very well Winking smile.

Same trick this time also…..”mum i have a boyfr…

Hurray it’s Friday!

This week was not bad…..change of dress colours, Parties all this kept me on

my toes. Thank God its Friday!!! (sing the song with me)

I was thinking of a pamper session for …

Evening look

It’s very hot and humid out there, so this is good for eyes and body.

Ok! Getting ready for a very peppy evening, so tired of all the days work, but so excited….I am sure once with my happy friends all the tiredness will just melt away. And a ne…

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