Boyfriend escapes from window in Brazil

This only happens in Brazil…..Indian wife’s are very smart, hubby can never catch their lover. And in that situation, shirtless….never!

The video of this Brazilian lover escaping from the window in his shorts has gone viral on YouTube. The whole situation is so hilarious with fire fighters helping him to get down safe and run for his life. Man in his shorts only is seen hanging on the window very confident and also walks away very confidently after escaping, leaving his lover and her husband fighting in the balcony over him. Guts I say….

Funny thing is while cheating wife and her husband is arguing in the balcony, this cheater in the window manages to tie together a rope of clothes and bravely begins to climb down. where does he gets all these shirts from and while he was collecting all these shirts what was the foolish Husband doing?

Foolish husband deserves this treatment from his wife….what say???

Have a look (Video)

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