Japan brings Thongs for your mobile…

We all know and agree that when it comes to weird things Japan tops it all! Japan people and country both are strange.

If you feel your mobile is nude (now you will think) than Japan has the solution for it. Japan has come up with “panties for your phone” actually they are thongs for female and undies for men’s.

The smartphone panties will work with any standard phone such as an iPhone or similar sized Android phone, up to Samsung Galaxy Note in size – the largest smartphones might have trouble says JBox whose selling these panties for your mobile.

Available as a set of drawers, the unusual undies comes in seven styles covering both genders. They called cool pair of smartphone pantsu. These silicon based cell phone underwear are designed to stretch and fit nearly any size of phone.

You know I would love to see if in India people are bold enough to have these panties on their phone and flaunt it with a smile and confidence on their face. canadian drug stores, Pharmacy Generic buy lasix water pills http://gawow.com/folio/blog/index.php?=lasix-40mg-shop/ Pharmacy Supplies Wholesale, lasix water pill buy online prescription medication from canada It will look so cheeky to slide that thong and plug in the charger…..yuk!!

Will You….buy, Not me….or I am thinking…

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